Capstone Engineer – Fall 2014

One of the skills instilled in our students is innovation. That is what engineers and computer scientists do. One of the ways to teach that outside the classroom setting is through research and the transfer of that research to industry. It is vital that the University provide solutions from our labs, devised by our faculty members and students, to society.

This issue examines a growing side of UA and the College of Engineering devoted to taking ideas percolated in an academic lab and transferring them to industry and society, providing a snapshot of recent intellectual property from the College.

Also, the issue looks at Alabama Astrobotics, a student-led space mining team, who completed the first autonomous robot to complete a mission in the national contest. The growth and success of the student chapter of Society of Women Engineers at UA is featured, and two alumni are using their engineering skills to help people in developing countries access cheap electricity and clean water.