Dr. Aaron D. Brovont

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Aaron Brovont is developing new tools to enable the optimal design of microgrids and power system components. He is specifically focused on the system-level optimization of electromagnetic compatibility in the context of high-frequency and high-edge-rate switching and the use of computational techniques such as the Boundary Element Method for designing power magnetic devices. Read more about Dr. Aaron D. Brovont

UA Researchers Recognized for First Awards

More than 80 members of the faculty and staff were honored for receiving their first externally funded research award at The University of Alabama during the past academic year. Read more

UA Engineering Alumni Honor Outstanding Senior

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Holden DeGrave, a recent graduate of The University of Alabama, received the 2018 Capstone Engineering Society Outstanding Senior Award. A graduate of Southwest High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin, DeGrave graduated from UA this spring with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. For eight semesters, DeGrave received… Read more