Dr. Amy W. Lang

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Dr. Amy Lang works in the field of experimental fluid dynamics with a focus on bio-inspired flow control. She has discovered a passive, flow actuated mechanism for separation control due to the flexible nature of shortifn mako shark scales. Other research has looked at the micro-ridges of dolphin skin for separation control and the aerodynamic benefit… Read more about Dr. Amy W. Lang

Capstone Engineer – Fall 2011

As Tuscaloosa and the state of Alabama recover from the devastating tornadoes in April, it is quite a comfort to recognize the stellar efforts of our alumni. As you explore this issue of the Capstone Engineer, you will get a glimpse of a few of the many stories of our… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Spring 2008

cre · a · tive \krē-ā-tiv\ adj 1: marked by the ability or power to create 2: having the quality of something created rather than imitated synonyms: produce, form, fabricate, construct, manufacture, build, erect, organize, develop Engineers, by our very nature, are creative. As problem solvers, we demonstrate the “quality… Read more