Dr. Glenn Tootle

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Glenn Tootle’s research efforts focus on climate and climate change impacts on water resources, including studies of long lead-time forecasting of streamflow, drought frequency, weather modification impacts on streamflow, paleo (using tree rings) reconstructions of hydrologic variables and glacier impacts on streamflow. As lead co-principal investigator, he has been awarded more than $4 million… Read more about Dr. Glenn Tootle

In The News: UA to lead study on farming in Deep South

The University of Alabama is set to lead a study on farming in the deep south, specifically irrigation-fed farming. According to The University of Alabama, that practice of farming isn’t as common in our region compared to the rest of the country. The study will focus on the impact of that style… Read more

Sources: NBC 13 (Birmingham), Business Alabama, WVUA

In The News: Student studies in Innsbruck, gets to travel Europe

This summer I was fortunate enough to participate in the UA in Austria program led by Glenn Tootle through the College of Engineering. I participated in the summer interim course, Water Resources and Climate: European Alps, to gain a unique technical elective credit for my major. Although I returned from… Read more

Sources: The Crimson White