Dr. Garry W. Warren

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Warren's research interests include: Amime-Quinone Polymers - A New Class of Corrosion Resistant Coatings In research performed at UA, a new polymer (AQ) has been shown to significantly improve the corrosion resistance of sub-micron sized Fe particles in an aggressive environment (pH 2). Similar improvement has also been found for Fe plates coated with… Read more about Dr. Garry W. Warren

Capstone Engineer – Fall 2011

As Tuscaloosa and the state of Alabama recover from the devastating tornadoes in April, it is quite a comfort to recognize the stellar efforts of our alumni. As you explore this issue of the Capstone Engineer, you will get a glimpse of a few of the many stories of our… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Spring 2009

This issue of the Capstone Engineer explores what engineers should know, and you will get a glimpse of how our stellar faculty are preparing tomorrow’s engineers and computer scientists through some trusty old techniques along with many new methods. Read more