Dr. Jason E. Bara

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Dr. Bara's research group is focused on the development of processes for clean energy generation that utilize new solvents with little or no volatility for scrubbing CO2 emissions.  There is a complementary focus on "green" chemical reactions.  His group is working on new polymer and composite materials with highly tunable nanostructures that can be used for membrane… Read more about Dr. Jason E. Bara

Capstone Engineer – Spring 2014

With the completion of the North Engineering Research Center, The University of Alabama has completed about $300 million in engineering and science facilities. The four buildings surround the Shelby Engineering and Science Quad, and are helping transform the UA College of Engineering’s teaching and research along with recruitment of students… Read more

UA News: UA Engineering Professor Granted Patent for Carbon-Capture Process

An innovative method for stripping greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from industrial emissions is potentially cheaper and more efficient than current methods, according to a United States patent based on research by Dr. Jason E. Bara, assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering at The University of Alabama. Read more

End User: Capstone Engineers and Computer Scientists on Today’s Technology

Dr. Jason Bara, an assistant professor in chemical and biological engineering, researches the development of processes for clean-energy generation that uses new solvents with little or no volatility for scrubbing CO2 emissions. Bara works in collaboration with ION Engineering to develop and deploy these technologies. Q: You’re trying to be… Read more