Dr. Jeffrey Carver

Computer Science

Dr. Jeffrey Carver's overall research goal is improving the quality and reliability of software through the use of empirical software engineering. His research focuses on developing, measuring and improving processes and tools that will impact software quality with respect to certain attributes, such as cost, correctness, reliability and security. The overriding goal of empirical software… Read more about Dr. Jeffrey Carver

End User: Dr. Jeffrey Carver: Capstone Engineers and Computer Scientists on Today's Technology

Dr. Jeffrey Carver, associate professor of computer science, researches development of open-source software, which could be improved through understanding how isolated programmers collaborate. He answered questions about the study he conducted in collaboration with graduate student Amiangshu Bosu. Q: Has the open-source movement already influenced expensive user-generated software? Carver: The… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Spring 2014

With the completion of the North Engineering Research Center, The University of Alabama has completed about $300 million in engineering and science facilities. The four buildings surround the Shelby Engineering and Science Quad, and are helping transform the UA College of Engineering’s teaching and research along with recruitment of students… Read more