Dr. Jay K. Lindly

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Jay Lindly is the director of the University Transportation Center for Alabama (UTCA), a federally-funded transportation research center housed in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.  UTCA funds transportation research on the three campuses of The University of Alabama system. The center's theme is Management and Safety of Transportation Systems. Lindly's recent… Read more about Dr. Jay K. Lindly

In The News: Why school districts don’t require students to wear seat belts

The Houston Independent School District bus that fell off an overpass and killed two students was equipped with seat belts. But riders weren’t required to wear them. Now a discussion has turned to those safety belt regulations. The topic of seat belt use in school buses has been debated for… Read more

Sources: The Houston Chronicle, WAAY ABC 31, District Administration

Transportation Center for Alabama Hosted Summer Institute

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – This past summer, 10 students from underrepresented high schools in West Alabama came to The University of Alabama to learn about transportation careers. The Advanced Transportation Institute was hosted by UA’s Transportation Center for Alabama, UTCA, and the Alabama Department of Transportation, ALDOT. During the three-day program… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Spring 2009

This issue of the Capstone Engineer explores what engineers should know, and you will get a glimpse of how our stellar faculty are preparing tomorrow’s engineers and computer scientists through some trusty old techniques along with many new methods. Read more

Capstone Engineer – Fall 2008

With the decrease in state budget, the Capstone is increasingly relying on our generous alumni to help provide financial gifts to ensure the best and brightest students receive the stellar education available at The University of Alabama. This issue of the Capstone Engineer is focused on some of the gifts… Read more