Dr. Muhammad Ali Rob Sharif

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Dr. Muhammad Ali Rob Sharif has extensive experience in numerical modeling of diversified thermal-hydraulic transport problems. Topics include: Turbulent impinging jet heat transfer from a surface. Conjugate heat transfer in microchannel cooling using nanofluids. Separation of nanoparticles form nanofluids (U.S. Department of Energy sponsored). Surface roughness effects on equilibrium and non-equilibrium turbulent boundary layer (Air… Read more about Dr. Muhammad Ali Rob Sharif

In The News: UA professors comment on recent terror attacks

It seems that terrorists’ attacks are in the news more and more often, whether it’s overseas or in our native country. Last night, a man deliberately drove into a group of Muslims leaving a mosque in London, leaving 11 injured and one dead. In the wake of the terrorists’ attacks… Read more

Sources: WVUA (Tuscaloosa)