Dr. Shreyas S. Rao

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Dr. Shreyas Rao’s research interests include biomaterials, cell-material interactions, tumor microenvironment and drug resistance. His research group is designing three-dimensional biomaterial scaffolds (e.g., hydrogel scaffolds, microporous scaffolds) as tools to mimic features of tissues that could serve as platforms for elucidating physiologically relevant cellular behaviors, drug screening and discovery, as well as mechanisms of drug… Read more about Dr. Shreyas S. Rao

Randall Outstanding Undergrad Research Awards Recognize Innovation

The Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award Program recognizes the best research activity conducted by undergraduate students at The University of Alabama. Read more

In The News: In the lab: University of Alabama students help inspire next wave of scientists

Akshay Narkhede routinely prepares polymeric biomaterials during lab work in the Science and Engineering Complex at the University of Alabama. Narkhede, a doctoral student in chemical and biological engineering, uses these hydrogels to mimic the mechanical aspects of human tissue to study how cancer cells behave in human or clinical settings. Read more

Sources: Alabama News Center, Yellowhammer News

Winners in Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Conference

The conference is a premier annual event, giving undergraduates the chance to highlight their research or creative activity. Read more

In The News: New breast cancer research launches at UA

The University of Alabama is launching new breast cancer research focusing on metastasized cells that are active or asleep in the brain. They’ve managed to create a mock brain, testing it in environments to see how the cells react. Researchers hope the study will help them come up with more effective… Read more

Sources: Fox 6 (Birmingham), NBC 12 (Montgomery), ABC 9 (Columbus, Georgia)