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In the News is a summary of articles about The University of Alabama College of Engineering that have appeared in print, online and broadcast media outlets. These summaries, headlines and links are copied exactly as they appeared in the media source.

In The News: University of Alabama student teams on path to start own businesses

A team of engineering students won first place in the University of Alabama’s third annual Edward K. Aldag Jr. Business Plan Competition held earlier this month. The team has a start-up company called SYNSkin, which has a patented synthetic skin material for use by the health care industry. The initial focus… Read more

Sources: The Tuscaloosa News

In The News: 2011 Tornadoes: New Research, Old Problems: Dr. Laura Myers from CAPS featured

During severe weather, most people get their forecasts and weather information from TV meteorologists like ABC 33/40’s James Spann. But those forecasts start far earlier. It’s a beautiful spring day in Huntsville now. But a group of forecasters and other scientists are laser focused on what’s coming tomorrow. All their… Read more

Sources: Alabama Public Radio

In The News: Students from around the globe compete in NASA rocket competition

Nearly 50 teams from across the country are in Huntsville this weekend to show, and eventually blast off, their custom-made rockets. Let’s be clear, these aren’t your bottle rockets you can buy at a fireworks tent. University of Alabama Senior, Tom Andreando explains how the Crimson Tide’s rocket works. “A… Read more

Sources: WHNT CBS 19

In The News: University of Alabama students’ work linked to space missions

Two teams of mechanical engineering students at the University of Alabama have spent their senior year designing tools for a NASA competition inspired by the space agency’s plans for human exploration of the solar system. Each of the six-person teams are competing in NASA’s Microgravity Neutral Buoyancy Experiment Design Teams… Read more

Sources: The Tuscaloosa News, WBRC Fox 6 (article), WBRC Fox 6 (video), KMOV 4, WTVM ABC 9

In The News: University of Alabama, NASA partner on earthquakes

It seems like an unlikely collaboration when it comes to earthquakes: the University of Alabama and NASA. After all, NASA is more commonly associated with the space program, and Alabama isn’t an area notorious for recent, devastating seismic activity. However, NASA is testing what’s known as disruptive tuned mass technology… Read more

Sources: WIAT CBS 42, NASA, WBRC Fox 6, WCFT ABC 33/40, WVUA 23

In The News: Rocketry Challenge

Tuscaloosa area middle school sixth graders compete in a rocketry challenge at Hillcrest High School Friday, April 8, 2016. Andrew Scott, a Hillcrest Middle School student, launches his rocket. The rocketry program is sponsored by the University of Alabama’s engineering school and students from UA worked with the sixth graders… Read more

Sources: WVUA 23, The Tuscaloosa News

In The News: Racing is rewarding for University freshman

Tyler Audie has always had a calculated perspective on life. So much so, that at the age of nine he earned the nickname, “The Professor,” among his Pop Warner football teammates. When an NFL trainer visited Audie’s team, he asked everyone who wanted to make it to the NFL, and as… Read more

Sources: The Crimson White, Mosaic Magazine

In The News: Hovering By: Three aerospace engineering majors have spent their senior year learning the ins and outs of hovercrafts

The vehicle, powered by a 5-foot-wide propeller in back, was a natural target for a group of third graders visiting the University of Alabama for the College of Engineering’s E-Day.  The kids couldn’t know how important this hovercraft was to the aerospace engineers charged with upgrading it. After all, this… Read more

Sources: Mosaic

In The News: Cracking the Code – Getting IT in the classroom

In this episode, show host Dave Miller interviews Dr. Jeff Gray, one of the nation’s leading experts on the front lines of efforts to integrate computer science in the classroom, and a Mississippi entrepreneur who is co-founder of the non-profit Base Camp Coding Academy, which provides minority high school graduates… Read more

Sources: Let's Talk Tech Podcast