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In the News is a summary of articles about The University of Alabama College of Engineering that have appeared in print, online and broadcast media outlets. These summaries, headlines and links are copied exactly as they appeared in the media source.

In The News: No handlebars: Student gains recognition as campus Unicycle Guy

Heads turn as a one-wheeled vehicle zips by students making their way to their 8 a.m. classes. They wonder if it’s a bike or maybe a skateboard. It’s neither. It’s actually just your friendly 
neighborhood unicyclist. “I remember there used to be a different guy, but he graduated, so I… Read more

Sources: The Crimson White

In The News: ADVENTURE is out there: UA students study abroad

Diving under the waters off the coast of New Zealand, Dason Maloney found himself in a metal cage surrounded by great white sharks—all for the thrill of it. From bungee-jumping to mountaineering climbing, he learned why people call New Zealand the Adrenaline Capital of the World. For his study abroad experience… Read more

Sources: The Crimson White

In The News: Creating Longer-Lasting Concrete Girders

Finding ways to cut down on cost without sacrificing safety is always a challenge when it comes to infrastructure projects. Engineering researchers at the University of Alabama are finding ways to improve bridges to span longer distances and use fewer supports, while also trying to cut down on costs; and… Read more

Sources: The Concrete Producer, Aggregate Research, Phys.org, WBHM ABC 33/40, Civil + Structural Engineer, Concrete Construction, Public Works, Daily Commercial News

In The News: Why school districts don’t require students to wear seat belts

The Houston Independent School District bus that fell off an overpass and killed two students was equipped with seat belts. But riders weren’t required to wear them. Now a discussion has turned to those safety belt regulations. The topic of seat belt use in school buses has been debated for… Read more

Sources: The Houston Chronicle, WAAY ABC 31, District Administration

In The News: Engineering students create clean-energy devices using inexpensive and recycled items

College is intended to prepare young adults for the real world, but in Nitin Chopra’s Advanced Energy class, students are already affecting the real world from inside the classroom. After participating in the UA Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility’s Faculty Fellows in Service Learning Program, Chopra, associate professor of… Read more

Sources: Service Learning

In The News: Student awarded Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship

In July of 2015, University of Alabama graduate student Nathan Klenke was awarded the Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship. This prestigious honor placed Klenke in the Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellow Program. This program is specified to students who are studying within transportation-related domains. The Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship was created in 1953… Read more

Sources: The Crimson White, The Tuscaloosa News

In The News: Brazilian student finds home at the University of Alabama

Isabelle Moreira, an international student from Brazil, is a junior majoring in chemical engineering. To Isabelle, America is a place where she can further her education through new opportunities and learn the language while enjoying a few football games on the side. CW: Why did you choose the University of… Read more

Sources: The Crimson White

In The News: Engineering students explore other cultures while improving living environments in impoverished regions

College should be a time of discovery, adventure and embracing new ideas, but many students have hardly left their home states, let alone the country. Philip Johnson, associate professor of engineering at The University of Alabama, saw this problem and decided to expose students to different ways of life outside… Read more

Sources: Service Learning

In The News: Former Cecil student wins University of Alabama transfer award

After greeting Cecil College Professor Gail Wyant’s physics class with a customary “Roll Tide,” frequently uttered by University of Alabama students, fans and supporters, Kara Parks shared a story of how her previous coursework in North East paid dividends more than 900 miles away on a fluid mechanics exam in… Read more

Sources: The Cecil Whig