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In The News: Tornado survivors stand together 5 years later: CAPS research mentioned in article

In April five years ago, walls came down. Fences fell, splintered and sprawled. Canopied urban forests blew away in jagged moments; even trees sunk deep in ravines snapped. Growth-marks carved on a wall, names in family Bibles, photographs where memories were stored for safe-keeping, were lost. Our sky opened, and… Read more

Sources: The Tuscaloosa News

In The News: Rocketry Challenge

Tuscaloosa area middle school sixth graders compete in a rocketry challenge at Hillcrest High School Friday, April 8, 2016. Andrew Scott, a Hillcrest Middle School student, launches his rocket. The rocketry program is sponsored by the University of Alabama’s engineering school and students from UA worked with the sixth graders… Read more

Sources: WVUA 23, The Tuscaloosa News

In The News: Cracking the Code – Getting IT in the classroom

In this episode, show host Dave Miller interviews Dr. Jeff Gray, one of the nation’s leading experts on the front lines of efforts to integrate computer science in the classroom, and a Mississippi entrepreneur who is co-founder of the non-profit Base Camp Coding Academy, which provides minority high school graduates… Read more

Sources: Let's Talk Tech Podcast

In The News: Student Engineers in Action begin replacing steps at Moundville Archeological Park

Standing 60 feet tall and made up of approximately 112,000 cubic yards of dirt, Alabama’s tallest mound began receiving a make-over on Saturday, Feb. 6. The Mound B steps at Moundville Archaeological Park have taken a beating since being built in 1967, and now, they’re getting replaced. Read more

Sources: The Crimson White, The Tuscaloosa News

In The News: What’s the Right Age for Kids to Learn to Code?

Imagine if you never learned addition in elementary school — and when you went to middle school, it wasn’t part of the curriculum. Then came high school, where no one breathed a word about it. By the time you were a college freshman, however, you could at long last enroll… Read more

Sources: How Stuff Works

UA News: UA Engineering Students Replace Historic Steps at Moundville Park

University of Alabama engineering students are getting real-world experience while taking on projects at Moundville Archaeological Park, including replacing the Mound B steps. Read more

In The News: Overseas military will be able to cast vote online

Speaking of security and fraud risks, Matthew Hudnall, deputy director for the Center for Advanced Public Safety at The University of Alabama, says now is the time to take the risk. “It’s really about give-and-take, in that in order to trailblazer this new platform we really have to accept some… Read more

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