Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies

The Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies (CAVT) is dedicated to the advancement of vehicle technology. Based on a unique educational program geared towards future automotive technologies and interdisciplinary research in modern facilities, it strives to provide the automotive industry with novel ideas, scientific consultation, as well as new generations of engineers and scientists informed in the latest technologies. It capitalizes on the University’s location at the heart of the flourishing automotive industry in the southeastern United States.

In The News: UA’s relationship with Mercedes evolves into partnership

As University of Alabama Chancellor emeritus Malcolm Portera tells it, Tuscaloosa was in a “world of hurt” in the early 1980s. The area had lost four manufacturers under the pressure of international competition for steel and the beginning of the end for cut-and-sew textile operations in the state, he said.… Read more

Sources: Tuscaloosa News

In The News: Seeing Safe Driving and Self-Driving as Going Hand in Hand

There is a mechanical engineer and professor of mechanical and electrical engineering— whose distinguished and globe-trotting career has already spanned over 40 years— who can simply and succinctly explain how autonomous driving technologies will actually make it onto a road near you… and sooner than you might think possible …… Read more

Sources: Trucking Info