University Transportation Center for Alabama

The University Transportation Center for Alabama (UTCA) is a three-campus center housed in the College of Engineering on the University of Alabama campus with collaborating institutions the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Alabama in Huntsville. UTCA’s mission is To advance technology and expertise in the multiple disciplines that comprise transportation through the mechanisms of education, research, and technology transfer while serving as a university-based center of excellence. UTCA received direct federal funding as a University Transportation Center (UTC) from 2000 through 2012 but now it is a member of the Region 4 UTC consortium headed by the University of Tennessee. Work at the UTCA is also supported by contracts through agencies such as the Alabama DOT, the Wisconsin DOT, the University of Florida, and the Alabama Department of Public Health. Some current UTCA research projects include bridge rail safety analysis, safety and operational evaluation of adaptive traffic signal control, development of the ALDOT roundabout design and operations manual, and rail highway at-grade crossing prioritization and ranking program analysis.

In The News: University of Alabama researchers to design next-gen transportation system in west central Alabama

Researchers at the University of Alabama are embarking on a $16.8 million project to transform the roads and highways in the Tuscaloosa area into a smart transportation network that is safer, less congested and more environmentally friendly. By dotting the roadways in west central Alabama with sensors and cameras, utilizing… Read more

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In The News: UA to receive $8 million grant to improve traffic control systems in West Alabama

The University of Alabama is getting an $8 million grant to help improve traffic control systems in west Alabama. The money comes from the US Department of Transportation. It will be used to improve safety, reduce congestion, and help with local transportation systems. Read more

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UA Leading Transportation Project to Improve West Alabama Traffic

In a partnership with federal, state and local agencies, The University of Alabama is leading a more than $16 million project to transform traffic operations in West Alabama and provide leading-edge research to address societal transportation needs. Read more

In The News: The urge to merge: Road projects spark debate about drivers’ etiquette

It’s summer, and that means Tuscaloosa is a sea of orange cones and construction zones. And it’s not clearing up any time soon, with two major road work projects under way on Interstate 20/59 and the heavily traveled Lurleen Wallace Boulevard and Hugh Thomas Bridge. Work to improve Alabama Highway… Read more

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