Dr. Kalyan Kumar Srinivasan

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Kalyan Kumar Srinivasan has over 15 years’ experience in developing novel combustion strategies with conventional and alternative fuelled internal combustion engines with high efficiency and ultra-low emissions. He engages in numerical and experimental collaborative research with UA faculty colleagues and international researchers to investigate problems at the forefront of combustion research. He seeks motivated and… Read more about Dr. Kalyan Kumar Srinivasan

UA Researchers Recognized for First Awards

More than 80 members of the faculty and staff were honored for receiving their first externally funded research award at The University of Alabama during the past academic year. Read more

In The News: Thermodynamic Characterization Of Engine Exhaust Flows For Recovering Waste Exhaust Energy (Exergy)

The heavy-duty engine industry in the United States faces a difficult challenge in demonstrating engine technologies to achieve 55% brake thermal efficiency (BTE) for future heavy-duty diesel engines under the aegis of the US Department of Energy’songoing SuperTruck II program (US DOE, 2017) … This work was conducted by Hamidreza Mahabadipour… Read more

Sources: Science Trends