Environmental Institute

The Environmental Institute (EI) serves as a national integrating resource for water and environmental focused transdisciplinary research and development activities. The EI pursues the innovative application of science and engineering principles to collect and transform environmental and water resource information into actionable knowledge that protects public health and promotes environmental stewardship and resilience. With a core capacity in Environmental and Hydrologic Informatics, key research themes include Climate & Climate Change Impacts; Environmental & Water Resource Management Decision Support; Fate & Transport of Contaminants in the Environment; Global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; Hydrologic & Frequency Modeling; Stormwater & Emerging Contaminants; and Water & Wastewater Treatment.

In The News: Diseases of Poverty Identified in Alabama County Burdened by Poor Sanitation

In the poorest sections of the American South researchers are finding hookworm, dengue fever, and other parasites and viruses that are more commonly associated with developing countries or, in the United States, with the early years of the 20th century. . . . Failing septic systems and the use of… Read more

Sources: Circle of Blue