Students in the College of Engineering are encouraged to go beyond the classroom to enhance their education. A creative approach to tomorrow’s challenges is taught inside and outside the classroom, and students receive recognition for their innovation.

In The News: Racing is rewarding for University freshman

Tyler Audie has always had a calculated perspective on life. So much so, that at the age of nine he earned the nickname, “The Professor,” among his Pop Warner football teammates. When an NFL trainer visited Audie’s team, he asked everyone who wanted to make it to the NFL, and as… Read more

Sources: The Crimson White, Mosaic Magazine

In The News: Hovering By: Three aerospace engineering majors have spent their senior year learning the ins and outs of hovercrafts

The vehicle, powered by a 5-foot-wide propeller in back, was a natural target for a group of third graders visiting the University of Alabama for the College of Engineering’s E-Day.  The kids couldn’t know how important this hovercraft was to the aerospace engineers charged with upgrading it. After all, this… Read more

Sources: Mosaic

In The News: Student Engineers in Action begin replacing steps at Moundville Archeological Park

Standing 60 feet tall and made up of approximately 112,000 cubic yards of dirt, Alabama’s tallest mound began receiving a make-over on Saturday, Feb. 6. The Mound B steps at Moundville Archaeological Park have taken a beating since being built in 1967, and now, they’re getting replaced. Read more

Sources: The Crimson White, The Tuscaloosa News

In The News: Perfect Chemistry: Yue strives to make a difference through research, environmental initiatives

In January 2016, more than 120 students packed the monthly American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Shelby Hall, a stark contrast from two years earlier when just 20 students attended the meetings regularly. At the front of the room stood UA’s ACS president Shuwen Yue, a senior with a dual… Read more

Sources: UA Student Affairs

In The News: University of Alabama students create their own comic book company

For more than a year, Ethan Newsome-Jackson and Kris Pearce have been obsessed with the same woman. She only exists on paper, but for the two University of Alabama students, creating the character in the upcoming comic book “Breeze” has been grueling, mainly in how to present the heroine’s duality.… Read more

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