Moving Forward

By Adam Jones

The electric motor has been around nearly two centuries, but it was largely abandoned for use in cars until this century. Its recently sustained emergence in the personal vehicle market is spurring innovation needed for it to replace combustion engines on a large scale.

There is no one, agreed-upon motor design, and auto manufacturers are busy developing technologies to give their models the leg up on their competitors. The combustion engine, on the other hand, is settled technology with refinements along the way to boost either power or fuel economy, for instance.

In 1837, The University of Alabama became one of the first five universities in the nation to offer engineering classes. Today, UA’s College of Engineering has more than 5,800 students and more than 150 faculty. In recent years, students in the College have been named USA Today All-USA College Academic Team members, Goldwater, Hollings, Portz, Boren, Mitchell and Truman scholars.

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