Faculty and Staff

The more than 250 faculty and staff in the UA College of Engineering are frequently recognized for their achievements and contributions to our state, nation and world.

In The News: Bruker: Launches Advanced In-Situ Nanomechanical Test Instrument for Analyzing Materials Deformation in Electron Microscopes

The Bruker Nanomechanical Testing business today announced the release of the Hysitron PI 89 SEM PicoIndenter™ to provide nanomechanical testing capabilities inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM) at higher loads and in more extreme environments than previously possible. “The University of Alabama is excited to be the first recipient of… Read more

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UA engineering faculty member awarded a 2020 Early-Career Research Fellowship

National Academies’ Gulf Research Program has named a University of Alabama engineering faculty member one of the 20 recipients of their 2020 Early-Career Research Fellowship. Dr. Hamed Moftakhari, an assistant professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering, was selected because of his strong scientific and technical background, participation in interdisciplinary… Read more

In The News: Reimagining Alabama’s power grid after Hurricane Sally: Bury power lines, use solar, electric cars

… Beyond existing renewable energy sources, one Alabama professor has his eyes set on an innovative approached toward restoring power following a weather-related disaster: Electric vehicles. John Kisacikoglu, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Alabama, is researching the use of electric vehicles that could… Read more

Sources: AL.com

In The News: EPA Awards $122,070 Pollution Prevention Funding to Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

This week is also P2 Week, a time to celebrate the diverse and creative ways businesses, academic institutes, local governments, and other organizations are working to prevent pollution. In support of the Pollution Prevention Act and P2 Week, these grant awards encourage businesses and other stakeholders to find ways to… Read more

Sources: EPA, City-County Observer

In The News: Which States are Most Prone to See a Drought?

If asked where in the United States is most vulnerable to drought, you might point to those states in the West currently suffering under hot and dry conditions and raging wildfires. However, according to a new NOAA-funded assessment, what makes a state vulnerable is driven by more than just a lack of rain:… Read more

Sources: Weather Nation

In The News: Governor Ivey Establishes The Alabama STEM Council

Several Birmingham leaders are among those appointed to the new Alabama STEM Council, which was created by an executive order recently signed by Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey. The council will advise state leadership on ways to improve STEM-related education, career awareness and workforce development opportunities across the state. “Alabama has… Read more

Sources: Office of the Governor, Birmingham Business Journal

UA Aerospace Engineering Professor Named ASC Fellow

A University of Alabama aerospace engineering faculty member has been named a Fellow of the American Society of Composites for the first time in its history. Through his research and contribution to the work of composites, Dr. Samit Roy, William D. Jordan professor of aerospace engineering, has been promoted to… Read more