Capstone Engineer – Fall 2008

With the decrease in state budget, the Capstone is increasingly relying on our generous alumni to help provide financial gifts to ensure the best and brightest students receive the stellar education available at The University of Alabama. This issue of the Capstone Engineer is focused on some of the gifts… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Spring 2008

cre · a · tive \krē-ā-tiv\ adj 1: marked by the ability or power to create 2: having the quality of something created rather than imitated synonyms: produce, form, fabricate, construct, manufacture, build, erect, organize, develop Engineers, by our very nature, are creative. As problem solvers, we demonstrate the “quality… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Fall 2007

Throughout the last 171 years, our College has expanded by adding faculty, departments, facilities, and students.  As we’ve grown, we have kept a sense of community and caring. We have kept our family focus. As you read this issue of the Capstone Engineer, I hope you get a small glimpse… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Spring 2007

The College has established interdisciplinary research teams, and the roles our students take in our research projects are immeasurable. With our dedicated faculty mentoring and guiding, our students are leading the state with these research projects, such as the near-space team’s blimp and energy-efficiency programs. As you read this issue… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Fall 2006

As the University recognizes our historic beginnings, we focus this issue of the Capstone Engineer on our past, present and future. Our feature article looks ahead to where the engineering profession is going and how UA’s College of Engineering is educating our students to be forward thinkers as they become… Read more

Capstone Engineer – Spring 2006

This issue of the Capstone Engineer highlights our new vision for the college and how the specific goals we have set for ourselves will further that vision. Given the opportunities provided by interdisciplinary research and the challenge of training graduates who will thrive in the demanding world of the professional… Read more