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7 people stand on an award stage with a black cloth background

Birmingham Promise tuition program to receive $8M from these area corporations    /  The Birmingham Times

Justin Williams, a rising sophomore at the University of Alabama studying computer engineering and a Birmingham Promise scholar, said the program provides life-changing opportunities. “Thanks to this wonderful initiative, I…

Source: The Birmingham Times    /    Published: May 26, 2021    /    Posted in:   Electrical and Computer Engineering, Giving, In The News, Students   

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Tuscaloosa looking to create new technology-based jobs    /  Fox 6

Camgien is able to hire young talent coming out of The University of Alabama and surrounding schools to work on artificial intelligence and other technologies. Butler says the company has…

Source: Fox 6    /    Published: May 19, 2021    /    Posted in:   Engineering, In The News, Outreach   

photo of Jehad Al-Dakka

Hoover police announce major changes in top leaders    /  Hoover Sun

And the department’s executive officer for the last 13 years, Jehad Al-Dakka, is leaving the Police Department to serve as the city’s director of special projects… Al-Dakka, who has overseen…

Source: Hoover Sun    /    Published: May 3, 2021    /    Posted in:   Alumni, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, In The News   

news screen capture of two people in a room with weather radar on tv

Storm anxiety and PTSD    /  NBC (Huntsville)

“We’re 10 years out from the 2011 tornadoes and we’re still seeing a lot of anxiety amongst people.” Dr. Laura Myers is the senior research scientist director for the Center…

Source: NBC (Huntsville)    /    Published: April 28, 2021    /    Posted in:   Center for Advanced Public Safety, Faculty and Staff, In The News, Research    /    Features:     

ariel view of Engineering Quad

32 Schools Qualify for AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition National Finals    /  ASIC

Ingenuity is on full display at American universities across the country, as student engineers from 32 schools have qualified to move on to the National Finals in a Student Steel…

Source: ASIC    /    Published: April 26, 2021    /    Posted in:   Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, In The News, Students   

robot stands behind table with a Robotics Lab sign

No Mixed Signals: Novel Robot Named ‘Pepper’ Can Explain Its Thoughts To Humans    /  Daily Caller

Researchers from the University of Alabama announced that they were working on creating robots that would work alongside police officers and facilitate communication between other police, crime suspects, and the…

Source: Daily Caller    /    Published: April 23, 2021    /    Posted in:   Faculty and Staff, In The News, Mechanical Engineering, Research    /    Features:     

An electric car with the power plug in it charging up

Opinion | Electric vehicles important for Alabama’s automotive industry    /  Alabama Political Reporter

Dr. Allen Parrish Ph.D. is the executive director of the Alabama Transportation Institute and also serves as a senior policy advisor for the Energy Institute of Alabama.

Source: Alabama Political Reporter    /    Published: April 21, 2021    /    Posted in:   Engineering, Faculty and Staff, In The News    /    Features:     

A woman pilot in the cockpit of a fighter jet

Meet the Pioneering Pilot Who Flies the Air Force’s Most Advanced Fighter Jet    /  InStyle

“I’ve thought, ‘Am I good enough to do this? Am I better than the guys?’” says Wolfe, who studied chemical engineering at the University of Alabama before joining the Air…

Source: InStyle    /    Published: April 20, 2021    /    Posted in:   Alumni, Chemical and Biological Engineering, In The News   

ariel view of Engineering Quad

Alabama Water Institute Awards Multiple Equipment Grants    /  Alabama Water Institute

Dr. James Harris, assistant professor in UA’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, has been awarded $30,130 from the AWI for a diffuse reflectance UV-Visible spectroscopy system, the first of…

Source: Alabama Water Institute    /    Published: April 12, 2021    /    Posted in:   Awards and Honors, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, Faculty and Staff, In The News, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering    /    Features:   , , ,   

zoom meeting style collage and 3 other areas with photos

‘Championship School’: These students are giving Title Town a whole new meaning    /  The Crimson White

While the basketball team advanced to the Sweet 16 and the gymnastics team advanced to the national championship, several UA students were receiving national awards for their own academic achievements….

Source: The Crimson White    /    Published: April 6, 2021    /    Posted in:   Awards and Honors, Computer Science, In The News, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Students   


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In 1837, The University of Alabama became one of the first five universities in the nation to offer engineering classes. Today, UA’s College of Engineering has more than 5,800 students and more than 150 faculty. In recent years, students in the College have been named USA Today All-USA College Academic Team members, Goldwater, Hollings, Portz, Boren, Mitchell and Truman scholars.