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The intersection of environmental justice and civil rights: How DOJ investigation could play out    /  Montgomery Advertiser

“You can go to Wilcox County, and you find exactly the same situation, but really nothing happening to solve the problem,” University of Alabama professor Mark Elliott said. 

Source: Montgomery Advertiser    /    Published: November 14, 2021    /    Posted in:   Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, Faculty and Staff, In The News, Research    /    Features:     

Shrugs and intrigue: Alabama reacts to billions of dollars it will get in federal infrastructure package    /

Allen Parrish, executive director with the Alabama Transportation Institute and a professor at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, said the idea that there will be “radical transportation in road…

Source:    /    Published: November 12, 2021    /    Posted in:   Centers, Engineering, Faculty and Staff, In The News    /    Features:     

UA students prepare to have satellite they built launch into space    /  WVUA

We are approaching the take-off of a University of Alabama student-built satellite. Students in UASpace, a student organization on campus have put three years of work into preparing for their satellite to be…

Source: WVUA    /    Published: November 11, 2021    /    Posted in:   Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, In The News, Students   

Dr. Charles L. Karr Named Interim President of The University of Alabama in Huntsville    /  University of Alabama System

UA System Chancellor Finis St. John today announced that he will recommend Dr. Chuck Karr as interim president of The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) to succeed retiring president…

Source: University of Alabama System    /    Published: November 9, 2021    /    Posted in:   Alumni, Engineering, In The News    /    Features:     

5 people in an airplane hanger behind a small hybrid plane

How close are hydrogen planes, really?    /  Marketplace

“Yes, as far as hydrogen-powered, the planes will definitely look different,” said Bhupendra Khandelwal, an associate professor at the University of Alabama.

Source: Marketplace    /    Published: November 2, 2021    /    Posted in:   Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Faculty and Staff, In The News    /    Features:     

ariel view of Engineering Quad

Gov. Lee Appoints Clay Bright as Megasite Authority CEO    /  TN Office of the Governor

Today, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced the appointment of Clay Bright to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Megasite Authority of West Tennessee. Bright currently serves as the Commissioner…

Source: TN Office of the Governor    /    Published: October 28, 2021    /    Posted in:   Alumni, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, In The News   

Screen Shot of people in a meeting area with long tables and chares

UA offers mental health training for police officers    /  Fox 6

Lt. Craig Parker supports an ongoing partnership with The University of Alabama. For the past six months, the UA School of Social Work and the Center for Advanced Public Safety…

Source: Fox 6    /    Published: October 27, 2021    /    Posted in:   Center for Advanced Public Safety, In The News, Outreach   

lakeshia taite

Faculty Members Fill Ranks in Strategic Areas, From Democracy to Sustainability    /  UVAToday

Taite received her B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Alabama and her Ph.D. in bioengineering at Rice University, then conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Washington.

Source: UVAToday    /    Published: October 26, 2021    /    Posted in:   Alumni, Chemical and Biological Engineering, In The News   

a large group of people stand behind a race car on the track

Indy Autonomous Challenge tests driverless tech: ‘Students didn’t know it was impossible’    /  IndyStar

… Saturday’s competition started out relatively smoothly, with the event’s two clear-cut favorites from practice speeds, PoliMOVE (made up of University of Alabama and Politecnico di Milano) and TUM Autonomous…

Source: IndyStar    /    Published: October 25, 2021    /    Posted in:   Computer Science, Faculty and Staff, In The News, Mechanical Engineering, Students   

ariel view of Engineering Quad

ERDC Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory developing new airfield matting system    /  The Vicksburg Post

The research program is a partnership between ERDC and the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Alabama. The school, in turn, is partnering with Alfab, Inc. of Enterprise, Alabama,…

Source: The Vicksburg Post    /    Published: October 24, 2021    /    Posted in:   Faculty and Staff, In The News, Mechanical Engineering, Research    /    Features:     


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In 1837, The University of Alabama became one of the first five universities in the nation to offer engineering classes. Today, UA’s College of Engineering has more than 5,800 students and more than 150 faculty. In recent years, students in the College have been named USA Today All-USA College Academic Team members, Goldwater, Hollings, Portz, Boren, Mitchell and Truman scholars.